Start collecting your customer traffic data then leverage it to enhance your customer experience

Analytics Den offers customer traffic analytics solutions for various industries such as airports, retail stores and shopping centres.

Our solutions enable you to optimize your passengers/customers flows for smooth and enjoyable travel or shopping experience at your venue.

Our solution partner utilizes very advanced and less intrusive technology that does not require the installation of additional physical equipment but can use existing compatible Wi-Fi infrastructure to deliver the ultimate insights.

Our services guarantee to you the following deliverables:

  • Understanding the customer journey
  • Analyzing passenger segments
  • Identifying bottlenecks and crowding
  • Measuring security and immigration waiting time (airports)
  • Visualizing the traffic flow in heatmaps of the entire venue
  • Predicting queue formation
  • Better understanding the shopping behavior
  • Maximizing the value of advertising spots and exposure to ads
  • Detecting repeat visits and loyalty patterns
  • Integration of location based offer and promotions
  • Enabling your premise visitors to find their way in a smoother manner
  • Identifying traffic patterns
  • Optimizing your revenue from space rental

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