A good customer experience is one of the key indicators of business success. We assist you to make it smooth and enjoyable.

Analytics Den uses the most advanced customer experience measurement platform to capture your customers’ feedback and their interaction with your brand in real time all year round. Our recommended platform has high value for revenue and it uses an advanced technology for integrated data visualization, incident triggered invites dispatch, web services capabilities, social media ratings push and natural language processing to obtain significant insights from texts of open-ended questions.


We offer you an end to end customer satisfaction measurement across all your customer touch points.

Our approach:

  • Mapping the customer experience journey
  • Defining the metrics to be measured
  • Designing the relevant questionnaire to capture the customers’ feedback
  • Questionnaire validity and reliability tests
  • Fine tuning the questionnaire
  • Questionnaire translation (if needed)
  • Setting up online the questionnaire using one of the leading customer experience measurement platforms
  • Dashboard customization and data visualization
  • Turning the outputs into actionable insights

Get in touch with us as we would love to discuss with you how we can craft a customer experience measurement solution to fit exactly within your own business needs.